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Familynks, a firm dedicated to family ties

The result of a long-standing friendship and shared values, Familynks is an association of lawyers founded by Joséphine TILLAYE-DUVERDIER and Céline RICHARD, who have combined their know-how and shared their experience to support people who are facing a family crisis.

Familynks is dedicated to domestic and international family law, providing both advice and litigation assistance.

OUR AMBITION : human and technical support

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Dedication and Responsiveness

The human dimension is at the heart of the firm's concerns.

The lawyers are committed and put all their energy into helping women and men who are in a destabilising situation and who are looking for personalised support.

Availability, reactivity, listening and kindness are the key values of our team's professional practice.


Competence and Rigour

Familynks offers its clients a high level of technical expertise that is constantly abreast with developments in law regarding the family, persons and their property.

The team follows and provides ongoing training to ensure the highest level of expertise and remains constantly attentive to judicial and legal developments.


Defense, Negotiations and Amicable Settlement

We assist and represent our clients before all the competent courts in family litigation (Family Court Judge, Children's Judge, High Court, Guardianship Judge, Court of Appeal...).

In international cases, we protect your interests in collaboration with lawyers who defend you before foreign courts or decipher foreign law for French courts.

In the interest of litigants, Familynks focuses on conflict resolution in order to develop sustainable solutions through reasoned negotiation and the collaborative law in which the partners are trained. Maître Céline RICHARD and Maître Joséphine TILLAYE-DUVERDIER are members of the AFPDC, the French Association of Collaborative Law Practitioners.


Teamwork and Interdisciplinarity

Each case is dealt with by a two-person team, a partner and their associate, to guarantee the client the responsiveness and added value of teamwork.

The team works in conjunction with a network of correspondents in France and abroad to provide you with the necessary interprofessional expertise in complex cases involving cross-functional issues (notaries, chartered accountants, tax lawyers, psychologists, law professors, family law lawyers in a foreign country, mediators, bailiffs, financial detectives).


Understand and resolve the conflict in a different way

The Firm favours a peaceful understanding of all family and property difficulties using the various legal tools available to the Lawyer and the various amicable dispute settlement methods.